Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Predicted growth in International Interim Assignments

As we go through 2014, we are experiencing increasing demand for clients requiring short term flexible resource to help both in the UK and internationally.  As a member firm of the IMA (Interim Management Association) we see the latest figures purport that 89% of all UK Interim Management providers believe international assignments will increase in 2015.
Business challenges are global and there is a comparable need internationally for help with transformation, projects, operations, strategic business development, business improvement, restructuring and turnaround. As in the UK, there is increasing demand for specialist skills for short term, business critical needs and it’s not always possible to find this resource on a local basis.  

The interim market represents a flexible, short term solution for organisations that lack the capacity or internal capability to drive specific projects forward and whilst they can source a strong fit culturally on a local basis, the ability to tap into an existing proven talent resource is becoming increasingly valuable with our overseas and our UK based clients with international operations.  

International assignments do tend to be shorter in duration than UK assignments but we find this works well for those interim's executives working overseas.

Macallam has strong experience of working with overseas clients and candidates around Europe and further afield and whilst it represents a smaller percentage of our placements we concur with the IMA’s findings and look forward to helping our clients with international operations shape their business.

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The good news is set to continue

The latest Ipsos MORI survey completed by IMA (Interim Management Association) members for Q2 has seen a further increase for Interim Managers by 4%, illustrating that whilst confidence amongst business continues to strengthen there is still caution in recruiting permanent staff.

A particular field of growth for Interim Managers has been within Programme Management and Project Management roles and this has certainly been reflected by our client demand of late. Figures report that 66% of all Interim Managers on assignment are engaged within this capacity compared with 49% in Q1.

Business services are also a prominent sector for Interim managers illustrating the ongoing importance of the flexible resourcing options during business growth stage.  Companies also remain focused on lean management and reducing head count as managing costs is still an important objective and therefore value, delivery and ROI are important success factors when engaging an Interim manager.

Statistics would suggest that experienced Interim managers are to remain an important resourcing solution for some time to come with assignments in progress in Q2 remaining high.

For more information please contact Steven Wynne on 01423 704153.