Thursday, 16 June 2011

Demand for Interim Managers on the increase

Although still in difficult trading conditions and much uncertainly still prevalent in many sectors, the demand for Executive Interim Managers has seen an increase in Q1 2011.

The latest results from the IMA (Interim Management Association) Ipsos MORI market audit (compiled by all IMA members) has found the number of Interims engaged by businesses has increased. 
The needs have been for reasons cited such as special projects or for change programmes to facilitate businesses that are going through change or transformation.

The report highlights a 29% increase in the number of interims utilised for special projects, 20% increase in finance assignments, 32% increase in programme /project management and 21% increase for Business Improvement. 

The number of new assignments saw an increase of 13% which is the highest recorded level since Q2 of 2010. Private sector usage is higher than public sector as you would expect during 2010 compared to an almost even split historically.

Businesses are turning to Executive Interim Managers to help drive change, projects and operational efficiencies.  They can bring in an experienced Executive to quickly deliver the agreed objectives and to drive change programmes without the distractions of ‘business as usual’ thus providing a good return on investment.
By Steven Wynne

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