Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Interim Management- a rewarding career choice

Companies are always looking to grow. They strive to increase revenue, improve efficiency and profitability and ensure they are best positioned to capitalise on changes in their markets.  This often drives the need for the engagement of an individual to guide the business through change and transformation. The demand therefore for help in the short term from someone to guide them through this continues to increase.

Traditionally, the image of a typical interim manager was that of an individual who was at the end of his/her career and he/she chose interim management in order to stretch his/her career further.

How the times have changed. Many career paths are now following the temporary and flexible working route as a career of choice. Interim provides more choice over work life balance and with new ways of working and the rise of social media it’s never been easier for an interim manager to raise and boost their profile.
According to multiple surveys what really appeals to today’s interim manager are new challenges and the opportunity to make a difference. Assignments are focussed on results and delivering real benefit to the organisation.  This in turn requires someone to provide objectivity to the Board and doesn’t allow nor does it need time spent on company politics.

A career as an Interim Manager isn’t for the faint hearted.  It requires a particular mind set and a determination and focus to get results.  This is usually refreshing to the organisation and provides a platform to help move their business forward.

Whilst the rewards and benefits are appealing and the barriers to entry relatively low, there is little point embarking on this career choice if you prefer the status quo.  Macallam Interim ensures the success of our placements by matching personalities with cultures, and goals with capabilities to create sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships.

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